Zach Rocheleau

Protein Fried Oreos

66 Calories | 9g Carbs | 2g Fat | 3g Protein

Protein Fried Oreos


22 OREO Thins
80g Self Rising Flour
60g Flex Brands Vanilla Whey/Casein Blend Protein Powder
16g Coconut Flour
6g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice
20g Sprinkles
100g Egg Whites
200ml Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk

Protein Icing:
30g Flex Brands Vanilla Whey Casein Blend Protein Powder
15g Powdered Sugar
Water to consistency


  • Add all your dry batter ingredients into your bowl and mix to avoid clumping. Then add your wet ingredients and mix till you have a batter like consistency with no clumps. Now add your sprinkles.
  • Next, take your 22 oreo thins and coat in the batter. What I did was add one oreo to the batter, press down with a fork into the batter. Flip over with the spoon and then the whole oreo is covered. Repeat for all 22 of your oreos.
  • Before adding these to my air fryer, I put an air fryer parchment paper sheet inside to make sure none of the batter fell through the cracks of the air fryer tray.
  • Air fry at 400 degrees F for 3-4 minutes. I did 3 different batches to air fry all 22 of the fried oreos. Enjoy!