Zach Rocheleau

Frosted Lemonade Protein Ice Cream

246 Calories | 22g Carbs | 2g Fat | 35g Protein

Frosted Lemonade Protein Ice Cream


220g Diet Lemonade of your choice
Juice from ½ Lemon
Zest from ½ Lemon
240g Fairlife Fat Free Milk
30g Flex Brands Vanilla Whey/Casein Blend Protein Powder

8g Sugar Free/Fat Free White Chocolate Pudding Mix
5g Zero Cal Sweetener of your choice
Pinch of Sea Salt


  • Add all your ingredients into your pint. Use small hand blender and mix till smooth.
  • Add pint to freezer till frozen.
  • Then once frozen, add to your creami holster and do the “Lite Ice Cream” function. All you need to do is that function one time and you are good to go! Enjoy!