Zach Rocheleau

White Chocolate Raspberry XL Protein Breakfast Cookie

360 Calories | 47g Carbs | 8g Fat | 25g Protein

White Chocolate Raspberry
XL Protein Breakfast Cookie


140g Banana
100g Egg Whites
80g Oats
40g Flex Vanilla Vegan Protein Powder
20g PB Party Protein Cookie Butter Powder
20g Powdered PB

6g Zero Cal Sweetener
4g Baking Soda
Pinch of Salt
45g Mini White Chocolate Chips
100g Raspberries


  • dd to a bowl your banana and mash. Then add the rest of your ingredients except your mini white chocolate chips and raspberries. Mix till you get a cookie dough consistency. Then mix in your mini white chocolate chips. Mix. Then your raspberries and mix.
  • Now take a small parchment paper sheet and add 1/3rd of your cookie dough to it. Form into a cookie.
  • dd your cookie to your air fryer and air fry on 250 degrees F for 5-6 minutes. Time will vary based on your air fryer! So if it needs longer, just add it back it till it’s good to go!
  • Once done, enjoy nice and warm! You can also let these cool! They are amazing that way too.